Anxiety Me

Anxiety me is a personal journey, my journey.
When anxiety attacks it leaves you feeling like you are lost at sea. Sometimes you find the shore, sometimes you don’t. This book explores the feeling I have when it happens.
Let’s find the shore together.

A 24 page beautiful silent water coloured A5 comic.

You can find out more about Anxiety Me here.


Follow the adventure of a leaf and a fox! All the fox wants is someone to play with, and the leaf is his new friend. However the wind has other ideas, sweeping the leaf and our fox on a journey. Will he find a friend to play with?

A beautiful silent water coloured A5 comic perfect for kids.

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When we fall asleep our mind tries to sort out our worries and fears but what if the worries overcome you? What happens when the moon is full? Follow Yu meeting her worries and learning about herself along the way.

A 40 page silent comic gently created with watercolour paints.

You can find out more about Moon here