Anxiety Me

Anxiety me is a personal journey, my journey.
When anxiety attacks it leaves you feeling like you are lost at sea. Sometimes you find the shore, sometimes you don’t. This book explores the feeling I have when it happens.
Let’s find the shore together.

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“The mostly wordless quality of the action and mood structure of the sequential antics of its (almost) only character are heartbreakingly real and yet soul soaringly enriching. A couple of the moments had me a little watery eyed I have to admit.” Review by Tony Esmond on Downthetubes

“A thoughtful and poignant look at an increasingly common issue and one we hope will help those out there suffering with anxiety by showing they are not alone.”Review by Alex Thomas on Pipedreamcomics

Anxiety Me is something I would recommend to anyone of any age and to anyone suffering from that feeling of anxiety and dread.” Review by Dara Berkey on A Place to Hang Your Cape